This petition campaign was created by Tech Reset Canada, the Digital Justice Lab, and the Centre for Digital Rights. It seeks to highlight the urgent need to have a national conversation about digital rights. While there are many organizations that we work alongside already doing work on this issue, there are many more individuals and communities that we hope to bring into the conversation through this campaign, together.

Tech Reset Canada

Tech Reset Canada is an advocacy group focused on resetting the innovation agenda. We work to improve how we engage, evaluate, and select innovation projects to maximize their impact on the public good. We support investments to increase tech capacity and expertise within the public sector, and we take part in policy discussions about balancing the benefits of fast-moving innovation opportunities with delivering long-term benefits to all residents. Bianca Wylie, Saadia Muzaffar, Jennifer Evans, and April Dunford are the co-founders of Tech Reset Canada.

Digital Justice Lab

The Digital Justice Lab is a national organization that engages and collaborates with diverse communities to build alternative digital futures. We work alongside technologists, community activists, and policymakers to shape a better understanding of technology and its impact on communities across the country. Through technology capacity building we support diverse communities in making informed decisions around digital issues, helping build a more just and equitable society here in Canada. Nasma Ahmed is the Executive Director of the Digital Justice Lab.

Centre for Digital Rights

The Centre for Digital Rights is a not-for-profit that aims to promote public awareness of digital rights issues related to the data-driven economy. It works to build capacity within communities to support broader engagement on issues of digital rights. It also seeks to raise policymakers understanding of advanced technology and its impact on civic values and individual rights. The organization was founded by Jim Balsillie.

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